Kat Bodrie Cropped

Every time I teach a college class, I get the same question: “How old are you?”

I’ve embraced the curiosity by introducing a rousing game at the beginning of each semester called Guess My Teacher’s Age.

I get a wide range of numbers: 22, 49. Some go low in correlation with my looks, and some go high, hoping to be surprised — but this isn’t “The Price is Right.”

You might be able to guess when I say I’m old enough to love David Bowie’s performance in “Labyrinth,” but too young to love his music. I straddle the line between Gen X and Millennial.

Just like I’ve straddled Winston-Salem and Greensboro over the years. Having grown up in Statesville with relatives in the Gate City, I graduated from UNCG in 2005, worked at Guilford Tech for a decade, and lived in Winston pretty much the whole time. I’ve written for Winston-Salem Monthly since 2011, and I was the Triad City Beat Barstool columnist for more than a year.

During my downtime, I love walking through the Bog Garden and Salem Lake, and my husband and I shop at Super G Mart religiously. The downtowns of both cities have seen enormous growth and an influx of breweries, bars, restaurants, and activities; I’ve been there for it all.

Even though Greensboro is aging, it’s gotten a major facelift. You’ll notice our magazine get a facelift, too, in the coming months. It’s fitting for a city that’s changed so much since it was established in 1808.

I’m thrilled to be your new editor of 1808, and I hope you enjoy the upcoming refresh in content and design. Let me know your thoughts.

Have you guessed yet? I’m halfway to 70, much younger than our city’s 211.

Until next month,


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