What do you do after visiting the RV dealer “just to look,” but a 24-foot travel trailer follows you home, and you don’t own a vehicle powerful enough to pull it? You start doing homework, as a friend of mine did when she bought such a rig for retirement travel.

  • By Warren Brown Special to The Washington Post

You could live in this one — on a ranch, at a campsite, on the open road. But although it is classified as a “midsize” sport-utility vehicle, the 2017 GMC Acadia, the subject of this week’s column, is too large and costly to garage in a congested city.

  • By Ray Magliozzi

What’s your relationship like with your mechanic? Are you grateful? Wary? Terrified? Well, remember, it’s a two-way street. Your mechanic is a person, too. A person with feeling and emotions — even if they’re generally expressed as grunts.


The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 is a leading light in the charge toward electrified vehicles. The redesigned and re-engineered E-Class sedan and wagon are now the most advanced vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, the carmaker says. Compared with its predecessor, the new E-Class is longer by 1.…

Volvo has been on a mission to prove it can build sporty and stylish cars that are built in China but have all the meticulous detail of its Swedish ancestry. And it seems to be working.

  • By Jacob Bogage The Washington Post

The first Tesla store opened in Columbus, Ohio, 72 miles away. Then one popped up in Cincinnati. Soon, another was in Cleveland. Tesla’s Ohio invasion was swift and — to longtime auto dealers such as Blake Arbogast — a growing threat, creeping ever closer.

  • By Warren Brown The Washington Post

The car is substantially better than its marketing. It seems as if the people who made it knew exactly who they were making it for — proud folks who worked hard all of their lives, who know themselves and what they’ve been through and who don’t need an external symbol of “prestige.” They jus…

  • By Ashley Halsey III and Michael Laris The Washington Post

Cars capable of driving themselves may be on the showroom floor sooner than you think, but whether they should come with all the current essentials — including a steering wheel and pedals on the floor — has the auto industry at a fork in the road.

  • By Warren Brown Special To The Washington Post

I did not like it in 2011 and 2012 when it was making the rounds at the international auto shows. It seemed like an answer to a question no one asked or sought a serious answer to, anyway.

  • By Warren Brown The Washington Post

Nothing about the 2016 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL assumes that you want to “win.” Nothing about it says you are a “loser,” either. It is a front-wheel-drive, midsize family sedan that is quite happy being what it has been for the 24 years it has been called “Altima” — a reasonably affordable, econ…

  • By Kyle Stock Bloomberg

The memo that the U.S. car market is finally slowing down apparently didn’t make it to Coventry, England. From its British headquarters, Tata Motors’ Jaguar brand has rocketed to the front of an increasingly listless crowd of vehicles in America.

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ATLANTA — The summer heat made the Autotrader editors wonder: What are the hottest cars on Autotrader.com so far this year? To find the answer, the car shopping site’s data analytic gurus determined which 10 cars were most searched from January through June.

  • By Brian Fung and Steven Overly The Washington Post

The day when intelligent, automated cars will ferry many of us around is still a long way off. But even partly automated vehicles, such as Tesla’s Model S, have recently raised questions about their safety and reliability. And amid mounting scrutiny over this technology, German officials are…

  • By Warren Brown Special To The Washington Post

It is huge, gargantuan — bigger than a politician’s ego. It stretches 20 feet, 2.7 inches. It is nearly seven feet wide and weighs 8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight, sans passengers or cargo. You turn corners in this one very carefully.

  • By Warren Brown Special To The Washington Post

It is a station wagon in reality. Lincoln’s marketers call it a “sport-utility vehicle.” You can get it in front-wheel or all-wheel-drive. In either, it has loads of utility and luxury. But I drove the 2016 Lincoln MKX Premium all over Northern and central Virginia for a week — interstates a…

  • By Hannah Elliott Bloomberg

Credit Chevrolet for sheer audacity: “The SS has several advantages over the BMW 5 Series, including 2.4 cubic feet more trunk space, OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi, and auto-park assist,” says the top line, in bold font, on the press packet I find when I receive the car.