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Fiat Chrysler will pay you $1,500 if you can do this one thing to its cars

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will begin to reward hackers who expose deficiencies in its car’s software, the company announced Wednesday.

triad drives

An homage to beauty, fun - and common sense from Lexus

With a starting price at $39,995 ($48,120 as tested), the 2016 Lexus RC 200t is an entry level luxury coupe for people who want to save a little money.

triad drives

Maynard's Garage:Virtual Reality: Audi Builds Its Best A4 -- After 9 Generations

Audi calls its re-engineered 2017 A4 the best-performing version yet, though it took nine generations. Under its new, more elegantly styled skin is an autocross of sophisticated electronic sensors for near-piloted driving, but it’s also is a balanced driver’s car of mean intensity.

triad drives

Maynard's Garage: American Hustle: Ford's Platinum Explorer Covers New Ground

The cost of Ford’s Platinum Explorer is about $20,000 less than a true luxury-class SUV. The vehicle also will be less expensive to maintain.

triad drives

Can the Chevy SS really compete with the BMW 5 series?

Credit Chevrolet for sheer audacity: “The SS has several advantages over the BMW 5 Series, including 2.4 cubic feet more trunk space, OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi, and auto-park assist,” says the top line, in bold font, on the press packet I find when I receive the car.

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