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  • By Jeffrey Kudisch Special to The Washington Post

You’ve resolved to find a new job. You’ve sent resumes. Done interviews. But sometimes you just don’t land the job. Hearing “no” from potential employers can impact you mentally, psychological, even physically. But keep your chin up: You can deal with the rejection and the setbacks. There ar…

  • By Shannon Reed Special to The Washington Post

    By Shannon Reed Special to The Washington Post

E very semester, I see quite a few sad students in my college freshman English class at a large four-year university. They’re not bummed about a bad grade, or roommate problems; many of them are frustrated because they’re unhappy with their major. When I ask them why they’re studying medicin…

  • By Karla L. Miller Special To The Washington Post

Q: I like my job. The pay is good. The benefits are good. The problem is that I don’t feel that my contributions or efforts to improve my skills are valued. I receive many positive comments from the customers I support but none from my supervisors.

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