• By Monica Hesse • The Washington Post

    By Monica Hesse • The Washington Post

The sorry lot of the Capitol Hill junior staffer is to answer phones, pore over files, and make lunch runs. But for one glorious summer in 1973, interns and drudges helped change America — as the cogs turning the wheel that would ultimately result in Richard Nixon’s resignation.

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On March 31, 2017, Richard Nelson Bolles (90) passed away in San Ramon, Calif. He was the world-renowned expert in career change and job search methodology. He was an Episcopal clergyman and author of the well known book, “What Color Is Your Parachute?” which has been in print and updated si…

  • By Bruce Buchanan Special to the News & Record

Anyone who has experienced the misery of an air conditioning unit conking out on a scorching summer day knows that a good HVAC technician is invaluable.

Growing up I heard many stories from my dad about how things were in Italy, when he was growing up. His stories have had a positive impact on me and I have pondered them often over the years. One story, in particular, has resurfaced for me lately.

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